About Scientific Decryption of Silkn Hair Removal Instrument

The Silken hair removal device is the originator of household hair removal, originated from Israel Home Skin ovations ltd. The company’s founder has many years of experience in developing medical beauty equipment. From the company’s name, Home Skinovations is one of the earliest companies in the field of home beauty equipment. It integrates R&D, production and sales. In the early years, it was produced for Philips hair removal machine. Silken has a new R&D result almost every year, and a company with strong research and development. Moreover, silken has a very strong background in the development of medical instruments. The founder of silken is also the founder of Inmode, a medical instrument brand. Silken’s R&D team is the Inmode R&D team. Mainly used in the top three hospitals or large beauty salons in developed countries around the world.

This hair removal device is designed to rely on electrical energy to open the pores, so that low-energy pulsed light can be better absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, thus achieving a hair removal effect similar to that of a hospital or a beauty salon. This technology is the first of all hair removal brands in the world and is a patented technology that silken is proud of.

Its specific mechanism is to use a filtered xenon lamp to produce pulsed light, using the principle of selective photo thermal, from low energy to 5J/cm2, spectrum between 475nm and 1200nm, acting on the stem cells of the hair follicle bulge, allowing melanin to absorb Light energy, after the conversion of light energy into heat energy, destroys the hair bulbs and hair follicle stem cells, thereby achieving hair eradication.

Compared with the traditional technology, the high-energy, single-pulse treatment method uses ehpl to produce two kinds of energy through photoelectric synergy, selectively heating the hair follicles and hair shafts, using electricity to change the direction of conduction, and having high penetration, so Low light energy can achieve the same effect. The treatment avoids the pain and possible risks of high energy. And it is suitable for a variety of skin types. For the type of fair complexion, the epidermis contains less melanin; the darker skin type (usually IV-V type skin), the epidermis contains more melanin, and some of the light may be affected by the hair follicles other than the hair follicles during laser treatment. The mass is absorbed, causing unnecessary thermal damage. Ehpl makes full use of the complementary advantages of light energy and electric energy, reduces light energy by 60%, reduces epidermal damage, and has higher safety. It can be safely used for dark skin treatment. Excellent results can also be achieved with light-colored hair.

In addition, compared to similar products, silkn overcomes three difficulties in limiting the effectiveness of the epilator:

1. Light that penetrates the skin must be deep enough to penetrate the entire depth of the hair follicle. The penetration depth is achieved by wavelength, spot size, energy density, and the like.

2. The energy intensity of 5j is an energy density necessary for hair removal.

3. The pulse duration of the light/laser should be less than the thermal relaxation time of the hair follicle. The energy delivered by the light pulse should be limited to the hair follicles not being emitted to the surrounding tissue.

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